Rosé to go

Summer is all about adventures and pool hangs. I was so excited this summer to find a few options of portable rosé that didn’t involve carrying around a full bottle. My top 4 favorites are Electric Rosé, Sofia brut rosé cans, BABE rosé with bubbles, and Lila Rosé.


Lila wines is a super fun brand with the slogan of #crackopensummer and they make it super easy and fun to drink wine on the go. This rosé comes out of France which is the birthplace of rosé.  The cans come in 4 packs. Lila has rosé, pinot grigio and sparkling. I went on many adventures with Lila in hand this summer.


Electric rosé is super fun because it is like adult capri sun. Yes, I totally put the straw through the back one time just like I did when I was younger with capri. It is super delicious. You buy a six pack which comes out to 1.5 bottles of wine. Also, the company gives back and a portion of each purchase goes to Water2Wines, a charity that helps provide clean water to those in need. Delicious and you are doing good!_MG_0776

From the makers of White Girl Rosé, Babe Rosé is a fun refreshing drink. You automatically feel more like a babe and sassier when drinking this wine. It is delicious and awesome. I always tag The Fat Jewish when I post about babe rosé and sometimes he likes my photos!


I knew Sofia had cans of the Blanc de blanc sparkling wine and loved those. I got super pumped when I found the brut rosé expansion in the liquor store. You can always trust the Coppola brand to be fantastic and this canned option does not disappoint. It comes with a baby bendy straw and is the cutest of the portable rosé options.


Cheers to rosé on the go!

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