Pizza in Quarantine and Beyond

If you know me at all, you know I love pizza. I like frozen pizza, homemade pizza, delivery pizza and fancy restaurant pizza. Since Covid hit in March, we have eaten lots of pizza at home that we made and ordered. Here are some of the different ones.

Domino’s delivery – there are quite a few other times we ordered Domino’s that aren’t pictured.

The Roman Candle Pizza takeout

Luigi’s Pizza takeout

Rosati’s Delivery

Paisan’s Takeout

Super Hot Specialty Pizza and Toasted Spicy Cheese Bread

Lucille’s Pizza on the patio

Salvatore’s Takeout

Meat Lover’s Frozen Pizza from the Farmer’s Market

Homemade pizzas

Hot dog and bbq pizza
Veggie pizza
BBQ Rib Pizza
Steak Pizza
Meatball pizza
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Veggie pizza

Frozen Lotza Motza pizza. This is just one of the many that have been eaten this year.

Breakfast pizzas

English muffin pizzas

Eggplant pizzas

Pizza snack dip

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