Eno Vino – Madison, WI

One of my favorite restaurants in Madison is Eno Vino. There are two locations – one at the top of the AC hotel downtown and one in Middleton. The downtown location has the best view of the Capitol. It is a swanky spot for sure. Eno Vino is a wine bar but we usually drink their amazing cocktails. The menus of the two different locations are slightly different but I haven’t been disappointed with any food or drink at either location.

These are some of our favorite cocktails:

  • Beauty and the Peach – peach vodka, ginger liquer, elderflower liquer, white cranberry juice and champagne
  • The Pearfect Elyx-ir – pear infused elyx, elderflower liquer, lemon juice and prosecco
  • I Spritz You Not – blueberry vodka, lillet blanc, limoncello and aperol
  • Purple Rain – gin, elderflower liquer, creme de violet, lavender bitters, rose water and cava
  • Prickly Pear – vodka, acai spirit, cava, prickly pear puree
  • The Perfect Maple Bacon Manhattan – rye whiskey, sweet and dry vermouth, candied bacon

The menu is tapas style and meant to be shared so you can go as light or heavy as your hunger level requires. The lamb lollipops have an incredible flavor profile with the mix of potatoes, carrots, mint and hazelnut pesto. You can never go wrong with the meat and cheese options as well.

We went to Eno Vino before Covid hit and during Coronavirus times. At the bar, there are plastic barriers between parties to prevent contact. In the rest of the restaurant, the tables are very spaced out so you are not close to any other patrons. Everyone is wearing a mask whenever they are not seated so we felt very comfortable dining at Eno Vino.

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