Heritage Tavern – Madison, WI

Such good local food. Chef Dan Fox, owner of Heritage Tavern, has his own farm called Fox Heritage Farms so you can’t get more farm to table than this place. Highly recommend all the pork dishes. The deviled eggs are another highlight – there are always multiple flavor options to try.

This was the restaurant where Brian took me to celebrate my new job in Madison. It is an amazing date night spot. We tried so much food. Brian let me choose the wine and of course I chose a French rosé. We started with some meats and cheeses and the deviled eggs. The tempura fried cheese curds are a fun twist on the Wisconsin classic with three dipping sauces.

After our first full dinner at Heritage, we usually just went for smaller meals and sat at the bar. Before Covid hit, they were doing a late night bbq special that we loved.

Brunch is bomb here as well. One of the dishes had a fried poached egg which I didn’t even know was possible to do. The bacon was cooked perfectly as well.

For Easter, we ordered Heritage Tavern’s family meal and really enjoyed it.

With Covid times, Heritage Tavern did takeout only for a long time. Later in the summer, they started doing outdoor seating so I went there for brunch. It felt great to get back to Heritage. The food was just as delicious and there were fun brunch cocktails too.

Can’t wait to get back to sitting at the bar when that is possible.

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