Boar & Barrel

We had passed this place for months without going in and I’m so glad that changed.

The capacity of this bar is not very large – only the bar and probably ten tables. We sat at the bar which is our normal spot. There were so many great cocktail options as well as a very expansive whiskey selection. I was about to be adventurous but there was a French 75 on the list so I went with my classic fave. Brian ordered a whiskey he liked.

For food we did the meat platter which was all exotic sausages and an order of burnt ends. I don’t remember what all of the meats were but they were fun like pheasant and other wild game. The burnt ends are served with tortillas so you can eat them like tacos.

Our bartender, Josh, is also the owner. I asked him what else we should order and he suggested the Brussels sprouts and fried Brie. Both dishes were great! I’m a huge fan of well prepared Brussels and these did not disappoint. They also paired really well with the burnt ends. The fried Brie was served with crostini bread, jam and greens – an incredible combination when eaten all together. I am always down for any type of fried cheese and noticed this dish when we first looked at the menu. When Josh suggested it, I did not hesitate to add it to our order.

I definitely recommend  this place and will be going back soon for sure!

Exotic meat platter.
It was so good I needed to capture from multiple angles.
Brussel sprouts.
Baked brie.
Baked brie loaded bite.

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