Bartaco (Hilldale)

I love tacos. This is my favorite restaurant in the Hilldale area of Madison. Tacos and tequila are my favorite in general and bartaco kills both of those categories.

All of the tacos are fun and unexpected mixes of flavors with the combinations of toppings and sauces. My favorite tacos are the pork belly and tuna tatako.

I’m also obsessed with the duck quesadilla and the corn fritters. It’s fun to try the secret taco options that change all the time. I really liked the fried oyster taco when that was the secret taco. Now it is on the menu all the time!

For drinks, the margaritas are a must try. The limes are fresh squeezed to order. You can go with the classic version or a spice it up with a more jalapeño heavy option. If you aren’t feeling a margarita, the Red Sonja and the Reviver are other great cocktails.

I have already been here multiple times and do not plan on stopping. The vibe of the restaurant is such a good time and the employees are generally energetic and seem like they enjoy their jobs. It’s a great place to meet up with friends or to just sit at the bar and grab food by myself. Sometimes there is a wait for a table but I’m always down to grab drinks at the bar or just eat my whole meal at the bar.

During the summer there are patio tables outside that are awesome. Such a good day drinking patio overlooking the cute little lawn area.  Definitely recommend this restaurant!

Secret tip – bartaco has taken corn fritters off of their main menu but it is a secret item for the Hilldale, Wisconsin store only.

Lots of tacos and ceviche.
My four favorite food items – corn fitters, tuna tatako, pork belly taco and duck quesadilla.
Tuna poke, salad with added chicken and white wine.
Hanging out at the bar.
Taco spread.
Enjoying one of the special bartaco Margarita March drinks!
Corn fritters and the Reviver
Oyster tacos
Oh also my fiancé is the General Manager of bartaco Hilldale so say hi if you see him! He is usually running around talking to everyone but at the door greeting guests a lot as well.

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