Quarantine Drinks

It has been over six weeks since the bars and restaurants have all shut down. Like everyone else, Brian and I have been spending way more time at home. Since we can’t get fun cocktails from nice bartenders, we have been making our own drinks. Here are some of the favorite drinks from our time in quarantine/Safer At Home days. Shoutout to our local liquor store Steve’s for being awesome and always stocked with great options.

Guns and Rosés – This is a rosé cocktail on the Barcelona wine bar cocktail list. It is the best sangria I have ever had. In Nashville, Barcelona was our favorite date night restaurant. The wine selection is impeccable but anytime we did not get a bottle of wine, we got a carafe of this cocktail. Luckily, Barcelona is the sister restaurant of bartaco and some friends of ours sent us the recipe. We didn’t have all the ingredients so we had to improvise a bit but it was definitely pretty close! And very delicious!

We got dressed up on Easter.
Rosé, vodka, Lillet rosé, simple syrup, peach mango juice and lemon juice.

PBR Hard Coffee

If you haven’t had this, it’s very tasty! It’s like a alcoholic yoohoo! Pairs well with breakfast and brunch.

Red Wine – We were supposed to go to Europe this month but Coronavirus had other plans. We have been focusing our wine efforts on Spain, France and Italy for red as rosé. Brian also brought home some new Reidel wine glasses so we can drink classily at home.

Brian’s first attempt at making meatballs was a huge success.
I get very nervous drinking red wine on our white couch but that is why Scotchguard was created.

Rosé Wine

Two of my favorite things. Steak pizza and French rosé.
Hot chicken and bubbly rosé.
Steak pizza and Italian rosé.
French rosé.
Relaxing bath with a book, wine, cheese and crackers.

Aperol Spritz – In honor of not being able to drink this Italian staple in Italy, we drank on our patio in Madison, Wisconsin.

Cucumber Gin Spritz – Brian made this one with gin, cucumber, mint and lime. It is a perfect refreshing summer drink!

Pairs well with crab legs to pretend we are vacationing in the Hamptons.

French 75 – This is one of my favorite cocktails to see on a cocktail menu. I have never made it at home but Brian taught me how. It was just as good as drinking at a swanky cocktail bar.

What have been some of your favorite at home drinks lately?

Cheers to when we can all go out again! Until then, I’ll keep drinking at home with the fiancé, our cat and our new puppy!

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