March Restaurants

Some of the places I went in the month of March. If you are tracking, you’ll notice there was no February post. We stayed out of restaurants before the wedding to be extra cautious then collapsed after the wedding weekend.

Cafe Hollander

Our neighborhood spot where we always go.

Heritage Tavern

Check those cute wedding rings. One of the best brunch spots in Madison, hands down.

Pitcher’s Pub

We shot darts with a buddy for his birthday.

Settle Down Tavern

One of the coolest new places in Madison. I made a goal for us to try all of the cocktails on their list this year. We went on St. Patrick’s Day wearing matching shirts.

Bubble Champagne Bar at O’Hare


I booked a last minute trip to Nashville for the weekend and got to hit a few of my favorite spots and some new ones as well. My friends and I even hit up Broadway for some of the rooftops where we could be in the open air.


This isn’t a restaurant but def good vibes and drinking. We bought this bottle of Veuve for our friend when she was coming home from the hospital with her baby. She saved it to drink with her girls so it was super fitting to pop it when I surprised her with a spontaneous trip to Nash to meet her son!


Classic staple and where my husband worked when I first met him. So weird to be there without him but it was fantastic as always. I got my faves – duck quesadilla, oyster taco, pork belly taco and carne asada taco.

Marsh House

One of the best seafood places in Nashville. I got the seafood tower with a variety of proteins. We did some chambong shots as well.

The Stage

So much nostalgia for all the memories in this bar and on this street.

blanco cantina + cocina

A great new restaurant in the new 5th + Broadway complex. I was stalking this place on Insta since it opened so was stoked to have a chance to check it out. It is a beautiful place. Of course I got the skinny margarita that had tequila rosa and rose petals which I loved. My friend and I split a tequila flight. We also got queso and nachos.

Downtown Sporting Club

Baby’s first Broadway. I will forever be thankful for this memory. We thought the parents would nap all afternoon but they surprised us by showing up to hang!



A sweet new rooftop bar in the Grand Hyatt hotel. It is at the far end of Broadway so a different view than all the spots on Lower Broad.

That’s it for March! Cheers, friends!

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