Grampa’s Pizzeria – Madison, WI

I recently tried Grampa’s Pizzeria on the east side and it is one of my favorites in Wisconsin so far. Everyone knows I’m obsessed with pizza and they did not disappoint!

My friend and I got the mozzarella to start and the beet salad. I usually do not like beets but was trying to go out of my comfort zone. The dish had a mix of normal beets and heirloom beets and the combination of the pistachio and truffled chevre made for a delightful flavor profile.

My friend is gluten free so we did not share pizzas but we both loved what we got! She got the Barberini and I got the Goomba with added pork confit. I love mushrooms and interesting sauce options so the Goomba was perfect! I was debating on getting the pork confit appetizer so was excited to have it as an add on option. Loved the pizza! Nothing negative to say about the food or overall meal at all!

We sat on the patio and it was the perfect al fresco dining experience.

I am guessing their menu updates seasonally so I am excited to go back and try more of their offerings!

September 2021 Menu

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